dimanche 25 novembre 2012

United Pong programming

My school is awesome. 3 weeks ago we had 8 days full of workshop sessions. You are put into a group with your class mates and you have to work on a project from the ground up to as far as you can. Explaining all the details would take too long so I'll just mention what's important and what I want to show you.
For the project of my group we used the old but popular game called "Pong". It turned out that coding our own version of pong after making a rework of it would be a great project. So we did!

Here's the video of the game play (your job is to keep the ball inside the square). You also have a picture introducing you to the programming part of the project (the picture came from the slide show of the presentation for the project) and finally some information;

- Program made from 0 without copying
- The coding time for the entire program was split into three days.
- The program contains more than 600 code lines
- There are still some bugs but very rare
- I'm not in a programming module!
- I made this with my colleague, programmer Louis Donovan
- Language is LUA
- Made on FreshEngine


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